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Programs that can be used alone or integrated. . .

Manage Sales  with The Sales Advisor, a web-based Sales Management system used to track prospects, pre-qualify them, create sales documents, and monitor activity through closing.  Current Schedules and option availability are provided by the Superintendent's hand-held device.  Option price lists are updated immediately as purchasing modifies the option catalog.  Option orders immediately appear in the main office for acceptance and processing of option PO's, which auto-fax to the subs, and feed to the hand held devices of the field superintendents.  Simplicity and the connection to subs and supers distinguish this program from all others.

Schedules are created in The Schedule Advisor. As work is completed, the schedules are updated and any changes rolled forward, while maintaining a record of the original schedule. Lost days are tracked by task, sub, and reason. Revised completion dates are fed to The Closing Advisor, and cutoff dates to The Option Advisor.

Option po’s are automatically faxed to subs from The Option Advisor. Option orders can automatically be compared to cutoff dates available to users of The Schedule Advisor. Standard reports include Options Ordered by Lot, Option Margins per Lot, and a Margin Analysis showing the profit on every option in your catalog. Automate the request for option bids from every trade, as well as the contracting of option costs. Feed the options in each home into The Warranty Advisor in order to track what options are in each home, and which subcontractor installed them.

Bidding and subcontracting are automated by The Contract Advisor. Compare up to five bids per trade, and compare them to budget. Graph the weighted average cost of each bid taking into account the mix of plans. Click a button to award the contract and create the subcontract pricing addendum. Cost breakdowns are automatically prepared for each plan / elevation, as well as each phase. With the click of a mouse, post the committed costs to your accounting system. When work is complete, create your own invoice for payment with the click of a mouse. Or use a Palm OS Device in the field to record the approval of completed work and thus create the internal invoice. The subcontractors involved in each home are now recorded in The Warranty Advisor for future reference.

Customer Service requests are created and tracked automatically by The Warranty Advisor. Track every item on each request, and automatically create and fax work orders to the appropriate subcontractor. Analyze the customer service callbacks by trade, subcontractor, and problem type. Age the open requests and work orders by home, sub, customer service representative.

Accounting Integration and Auto Approval

Use The Contract Advisor to analyze bids and award subcontracts; create Option purchase orders with The Option Advisor. Automatically feed both into your accounting system to create job cost budgets, and update them for options. Approve work completed for payment with a Palm OS Device on the job site, as well as update schedules, track customer service work, track each subcontractor’s schedule, and create field purchase orders.





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