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The Schedule Advisor

This Construction Scheduling Program was originally designed specifically for residential tract builders, but is often used for other types of project management as well.  (Some examples include new model openings, land development, pre-development and mapping.)  The program tracks the progress of construction, forecasts completion dates, and tracks lost days while taking into account weekends, holidays, and crew limitations.  If a critical date in the schedule is missed, the remainder of the project is automatically reforecast. 

The program uses "critical path logic" to reforecast the entire schedule based upon the actual completion dates of each task in the schedule.  Not only are lost days tracked, but also the reasons for the lost days.  At the completion of a job, the variances can be understood both in terms of where the delays occurred as well as why.

The program uses a master schedule for each subdivision or product line, and then "clones" it each time a new phase of construction is released.  Each Phase schedule shows the lot and block, plan, and permit number for every home.

A project manager can print either a full schedule for the Phase or a "Mini-schedule" for a specific time period, for example, the next week.  This "mini-schedule" is often provided to sub-contractors for their work load planning. 

In addition to the current schedule, a separate lost days report keeps track of the original schedule, the number of lost days by trade, and the reason for days lost.

Manage option cutoff dates by linking projected and actual cutoff dates to The Option Advisor. 

Automatically update closing projections and cash flow projections by linking projected completion dates to The Escrow Advisor.

Use the accompanying report writer to create your own custom reports such as days lost by reason, or subcontractor, or superintendent, or . . .?

Unlike other scheduling software that is difficult to learn, anyone with modest Excel experience can learn the entire program in less than one hour.  And Superintendents with no computer experience can learn to update schedules in less than fifteen minutes.

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