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Options Advisor

The Option Advisor issues purchase orders for options at the touch of a button, Complex options become a snap.  The program automatically knows how to issue Purchase Orders, to which sub-contractors, and at what price.  It even knows to issue a "contract amendment" if standard items in a home are deleted due to the ordering of an option.

The Option Advisor keeps a Master Option List for each project.  Equally important is the Phase Option List, which keeps track of phase to phase changes in offered options, prices and costs, or vendors.

A log of issued purchase orders is maintained by the system, permitting limitless analysis of PO's issued:

        Which options are selling?      

        Which options have gone into a specific lot?

        What is the total option budget for a lot? (Or a phase?)

        Which options have been billed?

Important elements of any Option Management System include the ability to:

        cancel an entire option;

        cancel just one purchase order

        reissue a lost PO

        include a special instruction or scope of work for all vendors or for a single vendor.

Control option cutoff dates by linking to the construction schedules projected and actual cutoff dates maintained by The Schedule Advisor.

Automatically fax purchase orders to vendors based upon information in the vendor master file.  No manual intervention is necessary.

Include option pricing, and the by-product is a complete Margin Analysis of all Standard Options plus Option Price Lists for use in the sales offices.

Unlike other programs that require enormous amounts of training time, the user can learn the entire program in two hours.

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