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The Warranty Advisor

This Customer Service application is designed to automate the creation, tracking, and reporting of customer service requests.  The user is able to see a list of all homes on a single screen.  Simply select a home, and the screen will show all of the warranty requests, or only those that are open, for that property.  As the users selects a particular warranty request, the screen will also show each item listed on that request.  In addition, a third window simultaneously shows every work order related to that specific item.  The bottom line: one screen shows the entire record of warranty activity for all of the homes.  (The same window also shows a count of total warranty requests per home, the number closed, and the number remaining open.

The user enters service requests, including information about the nature of the problem, the trade responsible, the sub-contractors involved in the repair, and contact allows logs with the related dates.  From this entry, the work orders are issued and faxed automatically to the subcontractor and the builders warranty representative.

The program includes a number of pre-formatted reports used to track warranty requests by project and warranty representative, including tabulations of the number of open and closed requests, and the activity for a specific period.  Most importantly, the user is able to easily create reports, thus eliminating the need for custom programming.

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