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The Closing Advisor

The Closing Advisor picks up where Sales Management software leaves off, by creating management reports from your raw sales data: 

  • Forecasts of revenue, proceeds, and profit by project and reporting period
  • Report starts, sales, closings by project and reporting period
  • Backlog analysis
  • Unsold inventory status
  • Audit each contract and settlement sheet (before acceptance or closing)
  • Budget vs. Actual reporting

At the Operating Division, individual projects are tracked.  At the Corporate level, Divisions are tracked.  In both cases, actual results are compared to Budget.

The Activity Report recaps, by project, Starts, Sales, Closings Completions, and Cancellations, for Current Week, Month to Date, Year to Date, and Project to Date. 

The Inventory Report summarizes the current number of Sold Backlog homes as well as the Unsold Spec homes.  The Spec Inventory includes projected completion dates, and (based upon moving averages of sales rates) the number of weeks of unsold inventory.

The Finished, Sold, but Unclosed Homes are summarized by project, showing when they are expected to close.

The Backlog Aging Report shows all sold backlog, and when the units are expected to close.

The Closing Projections Report shows, by project, the number of units (and dollars) closed, or expected to close, for each month of the fiscal year.  Automatically update closing projections using revised completion dates from The Schedule Advisor.

Audit profit and proceeds projections at three critical moments in the evolution of a sale: 1) at construction release; 2) upon receipt of an offer; 3) upon receipt of a draft settlement statement.

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