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The Contract Advisor

This sub-contract administration software is designed to automate the assimilation of bids and the preparation of sub-contracts.

 The program automatically creates budgets by plan and phase as well as numerous management reports including construction budgets by plan and phase, graphs of bids received, analysis of cost per square foot, and variance analysis comparing contracts awarded to budget. 

 The Contract Advisor uses a sequence sheet created by the user to list each lot and block in a phase with the plan and elevation for that unit.  A construction budget by plan is then created by the system showing the entire cost break down for each plan and elevation.  In addition, a phase budget is created, based upon the product mix listed in the sequence sheet.

 A payment schedule is also created for each trade, listing each home, the plan and elevation, the contract price, and the stages for payment.  This pay schedule is then used by the vendor to prepare billing invoices, and is used by the builder to audit for double payments, and correct prices and pay stages. 

 Automatically fax pricing exhibits to each vendor, without manual intervention, based upon information in the master vendor files.

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