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The Sales Advisor

The Sales Advisor is a web-based Sales Management system used to track prospects, pre-qualify them, create sales documents, and monitor activity through closing.  However, it is the complete and immediate integration of information throughout the company that sets this program apart from others in its genre.

Simplicity and the connection to subs and supers distinguish this program from all others.


Current schedules and option availability are based upon the most recent information supplied by the Superintendents from their  hand-held devices.  With each sync, the superintendent supplies new information about recently installed options, changes in future cutoff dates, and updated completion projections.  They also receive new option orders, option purchase orders, and new sales.

Option price lists update immediately as management modifies the option catalog.  Changes is option offerings and pricing will appear at the Sales Office the moment they are released.

Inventory of Homes for Sale including release dates, sales prices, and lot premiums appear as soon as they are released or changed by management at the main office.

Option orders appear in the main office for approval as soon as they are placed.  Acceptance of the new option order moves the order to purchasing for issuance of option purchase orders which auto-fax to the subs, and feed to the superintendent's hand held device.  

Collaboration outside of the company may include permanent lenders, escrow companies and outside flooring and lighting suppliers.  Because the information is distributed via the internet, the builder can expand the intranet of partners beyond the company.


Sales Presentation is made easy because the inventory of homes, their construction status, and option availability are always current.  Search for prospects by their preference for purchase dates, plans, prices, and community. 

Sales Management is automated, with the ability to pre-qualify buyers for financing, record escrow and option deposits, track contingencies, monitor loan applications, coordinate closings, and author follow up notes.


Sales documents are automated  by the program, but the important distinction is that the builder controls the documents.  The standard sales documents can be created without the need to have a software developer author the changes.

Sales Reporting includes information about sales, cancellations, projected closings, traffic, and inventory by simply tabulating the data that is always resident in the system.  Anyone with access to the system is able to view reports from any web location at any time for any reporting period.

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